EAS - Electronic Article Surveillance

EAS - in short! Those funny things that you may find in shop doorways that will make a racket if someone tries to sneak an item through without paying for it! Call it a post, a pedestal, an antenna, it does not matter. What matters is that it should and can work!

We have seen our share of installations where the units are not managed, and then you may just as well give us the money as a gift! Since you are throwing it away anyway!

EAS systems will only work if managed properly, tested properly and operating in conjunction with a well structured tagging protocol. Make sure that you have it sorted, or it may just be the big white elephant - and do not for one minute think that the shoplifter, or worse, the staff members will not catch you out!

So get the real deal. The tagging concept, the deactivation, the alarming bits and bobs in the door, the management program, the training solution, the integration with the dude with the baton at the front door.

And if you want to spend a bit more, network it and watch it all happen in your big leather chair from the office!

Now that is cool! And the profits will stay in the bank.

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