Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems
what you see you can experience! We specialise in security lighting, architectural lighting and specialist lighting.

Security Lighting
energy-saving floodlights to illuminate extensive areas reduce the risk of undetected intrusion and pose a risk to the potential intruder. This factor makes for great deterrence and becomes an integral element in your risk mitigation strategy.

Architectural Lighting
we utilise LED-based up-lighters with controllers to illuminate key elements in your property for visual effect, as well as to create highlights that will marry perfectly with the rest of your lighting. Again, this is done in such a way that it allows for not only visual impact, but integration with the rest of the security lighting you have in place.

Specialist Lighting
Par cans, floods, moving heads, scanners, spots - try us! We have efficient lighting solutions, integrated with dmx controllers, switchers and dimmer pack - whatever your needs, we will supply!

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